This year has been quite a busy and successful one. We have been spreading out in a lot of directions – developing new tools, adding powerful functionality, enhancing user experience and optimizing instrumentation. Not to mention the excellent reviews we’ve been getting:

New powerful tools and components

In Version 4.5 we provide a set of new specialized tools and components to aid developers throughout the product lifecycle:

  • dot.NET Runtime-Analyzer : This separately available tool is geared to optimize scenario startup times for best performance and ultimate user satisfaction
  • Decompiler: The integrated decompiler component allows you to reconstruct implementation details even in the case of missing source code

New powerful features

Version 4.5 features added functionality to increase diagnostics productivity and simplify navigation for high-yield analysis:

  • Caller/Callee Backtraces for simplified load trigger investigation
  • What-IF-Performance-Forecasts to create and compare scenario simulations
  • Context-sensitive Call Stack History
  • Enhanced analytics: percentiles, clustering, and more …

Enhanced user experience and optimization

Several aspects have been highly optimized to enhance user experience:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • CPU Usage-View – ThreadStack Viewer to view thread stacks at particular times with a mouse click plus reduced memory consumption
  • Enhanced Grouping/Color-Definitions/New LayerDefintion
  • Bug fixes and runtime optimization

Outlook for 2013

We are going to release our current Version 4.5 in May next year. In the meantime, we’re also working on a .NET Memory Profiler, which will be also included in SpeedTrace Pro.

Seasonal greetings

The SpeedTrace Pro Team would like to thank you all for your appreciation, support and valuable feedback and warmly welcomes you to continue making good use of our products and support.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your SpeedTrace Pro Team

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