.Net Runtime Analyzer

The tool SpeedTrace JITAnalyzer was renamed to RuntimeAnalyzer due to its extended scope:

Startup-Optimizer: Regarding the base functionality, please refer to the following link

Extended base functionality

  • Attach to upcoming & already running processes: Attach to processes
    which are started outside the RuntimeAnalyzer tool
  • Open/Save Snapshot: The open operation views saved snapshots,
    the save operation stores the captured runtime information

Added Exception-Hunter: The built-in exception hunter shows all exceptions including time stamps, exception details and thread stacks. Each stack item contains line-level information to display the source code. In the following example the RuntimeAnalyzer pinpoints the line where a divide by zero exception was raised.

[lightbox style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/Runtime-Analyzer-ExceptionHunter.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/Runtime-Analyzer-ExceptionHunter.png” description=”.NET Runtime Analyzer / Exception Hunter” size=”two_col_small”]

Added ThreadStack-Analyzer: The thread stacks shows all running threads, its cpu time consumption and current call stacks at a specified sampling rate. The thread stack view allows you to examine the thread stacks at regular times (sampling) to investigate application hangups or any other simple performance issues.

[lightbox style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/Runtime-Analyzer-ThreadStack-Analyzer.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/Runtime-Analyzer-ThreadStack-Analyzer.png” description=”.NET Runtime Analyzer / Thread Stack Analyzer” size=”two_col_small”]

Added Decompiler-functionality to the source code preview (C#/IL): In case of missing source codes or debug info, methods of interested can be easily decompiled to either C# or IL.

[lightbox style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/Runtime-Analyzer-Decompiler.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/Runtime-Analyzer-Decompiler.png” description=”.NET Runtime Analyzer / Decompiler” size=”two_col_small”]

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