If you want to improve your user experience, scenario startup times need to be optimized to provide best possible performance.

How do we optimize startup performance?

Besides eliminating causes of bottlenecks induced by poor software algorithms affecting application startup, we need to also provide the best infrastructure for our software to run. The key task then is to provide proper software deployment. Before .Net software can run on the CPU, .Net assemblies must be translated from IL to native code. So we should deploy native images for assemblies which cause high time losses in order to minimize annoying runtime overheads.

How do we find out where time losses were triggered from?

SpeedTrace Pro introduces a new tool, the JITAnalyzer, to assist you in your investigation. It pinpoints how often and where JIT compilations occur and how much time is wasted due to current software deployment. Furthermore, it provides relocation information to help you reduce memory footprints of enterprise applications.

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If you are interested in testing a preview version of the JITAnalyzer tool, please feel free to contact us:

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