About Us


We are a team of software designers and architects, project managers and consultants dedicated to in-depth performance diagnostics and proficient QA management in the field of software development.


Our .NET performance consulting services have emerged from a well-proven top-notch software diagnostics concept, based on extensive consulting experience and partnerships with global companies.


SpeedTrace Pro has matured along the productive lines of mutually reinforcing synergies between developers and consultants, always devoted to finding the right solutions for highly demanding complex tasks. .NET Runtime Analyzer is our latest .NET performance tool.


Guided by fundamental scientific principles, SpeedTrace Pro has been cast to embody independent and minimized impact tracing, geared to model complex scenarios objectively and conclusively to ensure QA integration even within production environments.


The underlying precept of both product and our services is: Transparency empowers! Our diagnostics principle of transparency, to reveal the root causes of issues, empowers clients at all times to find the best solutions by themselves.