Online Support

To get you started in no time …

Especially in the initial stages, it might be convenient for you to have someone to answer your questions and help you with your installation, special environmental settings or issues that may crop up during your evaluation.

… we also provide online support!

The most rewarding solution for you is to ask for an online support session to get you started in your special environment (starting session). You have the options, from a short demo on our screen to guiding you on your screen, or even showing you best practices, e.g. how to achieve conclusive results and interpret them . On request and to your best advantage this can be done right on your own application. You can be assured that your queries will be addressed as soon as possible and handled with the utmost discretion and expertise.


Depending on the environment, size, complexity or special nature of your application, you might run into hurdles at some point in the process of getting acquainted with SpeedTrace Pro.

To familiarize yourself …

Our SpeedTrace Pro team offers webinars free of charge to help you to get broadly acquainted with SpeedTrace Pro within a short time to provide you with a summarizing overview of SpeedTrace Pro’s wide range of unique features, or on request, to supervise your first profiling and tracing attempts.

… we offer cost-free webinars

Webinars are conducted on a monthly basis in the form of online tutorials via telescreen and take approx. 70 minutes) for you and your staff

  • to familiarize you with the wide range of SpeedTrace’s most salient features with examples highlighting specific topics (introductory session)
  • and/or to provide you with an in-depth view how to implement and get best results with specific features with best practises (advanced session)

Seize the chance – take a cost-free webinar!