SpeedTrace Pro Version 4.0 Release

Unmanaged Code, Layer Breakdown, CPU Tracking and more ..

We are happy to announce the final release of SpeedTrace Pro’s new Version 4.0.

Request your trial license here: https://profiler-and-tracer.com/support-download/download/

Amplified tracing scope now includes unmanaged code!

One of SpeedTrace Pro’s Version 4.0 key features this year is a new tracing method especially designed to embrace non-dotNET code. This newly added piece of cutting-edge functionality enables you to trace also non-dotNET platforms such as VBA, JavaScript, unmanaged C++, etc. all in one go. ...

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Tracing unmanaged code – VBA, C++ etc.

One of the great new features in SpeedTrace Pro 4.0.9 is the user trace option to provide tracing and profiling method for non .Net code.

Now SpeedTrace 4.0 provides a COM object in order to enable you to trace your non- dotNet – platforms such as VBA, JavaScript, unmanaged C++ etc. For your convenience you can even add data to identity some kind of context during the performance reading.

Example VBA: In order to use the COM object, you need to ...

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