Remote Profiling Windows Server 2012 Azure .NET Applications

Port Forwarding for the Cloud Application/Service


Add an InstanceInput endpoint in the role’s configuration:


In this example above, we forward the public ports 10100-10105 to the private port 33334 on the server (SpeedTrace Agent default port), so that we can communicate with the agents on all six Azure machines.

Management Portal Configuration – Connect to the role instances

Since we need to connect to the role instances ...

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Silverlight – WCF – RIA Services – IIS Server – Communication Trace

SpeedTrace Pro is a most powerful tool – much more than a profiler, it helps you to investigate complicated issues and to find their root causes with advanced functionality.

SpeedTrace Pro is not just a one night affair. It is really worth getting involved in a long-lasting relationship with all its responsibilities and refreshing surprises. To show this we have created a more elaborate web scenario (below) to demonstrate how SpeedTrace masters the complexities of web-based applications with great ease ...

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