Remote Profiling Windows Azure .NET Apps

The following post depicts how to concurrently trace multiple Azure servers with SpeedTrace Pro remote profiling capabilities. Following configuration steps are required to perform remote profiling Web apps or services from a client outside the Azure cloud:

Port Forwarding for the Cloud Application/Service

Add an InstanceInput endpoint in the role’s configuration:


In this example above, we forward the public ports 10100-10105 to the ...

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Silverlight – WCF RIA Services – IIS – Trace

SpeedTrace Pro is a most powerful tool – much more than a profiler, it helps you to investigate complicated issues and to find their root causes with advanced functionality.

SpeedTrace Pro is not just a one night affair. It is really worth getting involved in a long-lasting relationship with all its responsibilities and refreshing surprises. To show this we have created a more elaborate web scenario (below) to demonstrate how SpeedTrace masters the complexities of web-based applications with great ease ...

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