SpeedTrace Pro: Cloud-computing highlight 2010

December 20, 2010

We got a lot of acclaim for the nearly boundless opportunities that our trace profiler opens to all lines of software development, consulting, support, maintenance and monitoring.

SpeedTrace Pro – turn of the year reflections

The year 2010 has been an exciting one: In previous years SpeedTrace Pro has proven to provide the ideal concept for tracing and profiling dotNET apps most accurately and reliably, yielding most conclusive results within split seconds. This year’s highlight “Freely Distributable Trace Agent” service and other salient cloud-computing features have made SpeedTrace Pro’s scope practically UBIQUITOUS – throughout networks and the internet !

Range of applicability

The scope of SpeedTrace Pro in combination with cloud-computing has hardly been thoroughly fathomed yet. Networkability simply opens thousands of doors for QA-integrated development, and enhances security-sensitive maintenance and support:

  • helping distributed and outsourced teams throughout networks to coordinate bugs-fixing, performance issues solving and getting at the bottom of severe software failures and breakdowns saving you oodles of time and money
  • enabling proactive monitoring and project management within networks to streamline code architecture to perfection and avoid critical situations
  • rationalizing your security concept on a network scale to send warnings before failures take place
  • Redefining your maintenance concept by shortening times to maintenance and remedial action
  • providing you with the complete picture of all the circumstances that lead to a failure

Outlook for 2011

We are planning to take on new challenges to create further leading-edge features and are already preparing the ground for even more powerful and amazing functionality.

Seasonal greetings

The SpeedTrace Pro Team would like to thank you all for your appreciation, support and valuable feedback and warmly welcomes you to continue making good use of our support.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your SpeedTrace Pro Team

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