SpeedTrace Pro 2012 Spring Events

April 5, 2012
Speedtrace Pro 4.0

Spring is the season of renewal – and spring this year is a special season for SpeedTrace Pro novelties.

SpeedTrace Pro – our new 4.0 Version Release!

We are proud to announce our new release featuring a whole new range of added functionality highlights such as:

  • Unmanaged Code tracing
  • Layer Breakdown
  • CPU tracking
  • … and more …

A more detailed entry on the new SpeedTrace functionality is to follow up briefly!

SpeedTrace Pro – our new website!

We have moved our website from perfinity.de to stppro.auriga.uberspace.de/htdocs and created a whole new design presentation that lives up to our .NET trace profiler product. So SpeedTrace Pro now has its own homepage that serves to improve communication on our profiler solution and aptly portray our expertise in the field of software performance management.

We hope you like it. We are still making improvements, so feedback and suggestions are warmly appreciated.

Welcome to https://profiler-and-tracer.com!

Performance consulting – our new service!

Finally, we are happy to let you know that our SpeedTrace Pro team now has a consulting division that offers consulting in many forms:

  • Trouble-shooting
  • Performance analysis
  • Online/ In-house training

Feel free to contact us!

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