SpeedTrace Pro 4.0.18 available for download!

We are constantly enhancing and expanding SpeedTrace Pro.
Now version 4.0.18 is available for downloading and via auto-update!

Layer Breakdown – Timeline (since 4.0.17)

Since the last version, some bug-fixes and enhancements have been performed:


  • Reduced memory usage for the comm. between client and trace agent
  • Improved save performance in case of many projects

Bug fixes:

  • bug fix: cyclic trigger, shadow callstacks sporadically incorrect
  • bug fix: thread merge/ 4.0.17 trace processing memory optimization resulted in unique threads not to be merged

10-day free trial

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Tracing unmanaged code – VBA, C++ etc.

One of the great new features in SpeedTrace Pro 4.0.9 is the user trace option to provide tracing and profiling method for non .Net code.

Now SpeedTrace 4.0 provides a COM object in order to enable you to trace your non- dotNet – platforms such as VBA, JavaScript, unmanaged C++ etc. For your convenience you can even add data to identity some kind of context during the performance reading.

Example VBA: In order to use the COM object, you need to ...

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SpeedTrace Pro: Cloud-computing highlight 2010

We got a lot of acclaim for the nearly boundless opportunities that our trace profiler opens to all lines of software development, consulting, support, maintenance and monitoring.

SpeedTrace Pro – turn of the year reflections

The year 2010 has been an exciting one: In previous years SpeedTrace Pro has proven to provide the ideal concept for tracing and profiling dotNET apps most accurately and reliably, yielding most conclusive results within split seconds. This year’s highlight “Freely Distributable Trace Agent” service and other ...

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