.NET Profiler - Memory & Performance Diagnostics

We are thrilled to announce the release of .NET Runtime Analyzer 4.6. The latest release is packed with powerful new features such as new Timeline Analysis functionality, enhanced performance analysis capabilities (Caller/Callee, Hotspot Contributors etc.), multi-session-support etc.

New Multi-Session Support

Simultaneously record multiple applications or processes, for instance to analyze webservers with different application pools, distributed applications or SOA-based architectures. Besides, the multi session support also allows to keep monitoring restarted applications.

[frame style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_MultipleProcesses.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_MultipleProcesses.png” description=”Multiple Processes” size=”two_col_small”]

New Timeline Analysis Capabilities

Context information is key to investigate complex runtime issues. The more context information available, the more drilldowns are possible. Some runtime issues just occur within certain time frames. The timelines of our performance diagnostics tools provide you with new analysis power to investigate issues within specific time ranges.

You can select time ranges to perform a partial analysis on the collected snapshot (profile and trace data will be limited to the time range selection).

In addition, application events and trace statements (exceptions, system-events, e.g. file I/O events, network events) like database-queries, HTTP-Requests, WCF-calls etc. can be used as timeline marks to identify interesting business aspects within the software.

Furthermore, you can add manual usermarks to declare special time frames such as scenario-warmups, names for scenario-executions etc.

  • Performance Profiler / System Event Tracker
    The timeline provides you with an overview of your CPU utilization (user & kernel times) over time. By pinpointing the resource usage, you can identify time loss due to waiting (low capacity) for long running tasks or time loss due to high CPU activity (CPU burners, high capacity).[frame style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_Contributors.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_Contributors.png” description=”Performance Contributors” size=”two_col_small”][frame style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_Timeline.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_Timeline.png” description=”Performance Timeline” size=”two_col_small”]
  • Memory Profiler
    The memory usage timeline provides you with an overview of your memory usage over time. With the memory usage timeline, you can find out when types or specific instances were created. As well you can investigate time ranges based on timeline mark selection to find out if the executed scenario is leaking memory or behaves balanced in terms of memory usage.[frame style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Memory_Timeline.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Memory_Timeline.png” description=”Memory Timeline” size=”two_col_small”]

Enhanced Performance Hotspot Analysis

  • Caller/Callee: Find out who triggered the execution of performance hotspots, review the caller backtraces and callee call trees for simplified analysis. Stop wasting time searching call stacks.[frame style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_Caller.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_Caller.png” description=”Performance Caller” size=”two_col_small”]
  • Hotspot Contributors: Instantly retrieve all methods which contribute to the total execution time of the hotspot without overcomplicated user interaction.
  • Method Activity Timeline: Get known to the method execution activity over time to clarify when the hotspot got activated. How much time was wasted on waiting, how much time was lost due to CPU activity over time?[frame style=”modern” image_path=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_ActivityTimeline.png” popup=”https://profiler-and-tracer.com/images/RTA_4.6_Performance_ActivityTimeline.png” description=”Performance Activity Timeline” size=”two_col_small”]
  • Information Clustering: The hotspot list and its contributors can now be grouped or filtered in order to provide high-level profiling-information.

New User Interface

.NET Runtime Analyzer 4.6 completely changes its UI with a new, modern, easy-to-use design.

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