Powerful .NET Profiler - Identify and Resolve Performance Issues

.NET Profiler : Timeline Analysis

Experience the full potential of SpeedTrace Pro’s timeline capabilities, empowering you to:

Integrated App Event Tracker

Elevate your performance profiling by incorporating system event data. With our Integrated App Event Tracker, you can:

Ultra-Fast Tracing: Minimize Impact, Maximize Performance

At SpeedTrace Pro, we understand that performance profiling shouldn’t compromise your application’s execution speed. Our fast tracing solutions offer:

Bug Trapping: Locate, Analyze, Resolve

Software issues often arise in the least expected places, often void of debug or trace info. Our Bug Trapping feature helps you:

Distributed Tracing: Synchronize and Simplify

Manage multiple applications or services across various machines with just one SpeedTrace Pro client controller instance. Achieve seamless load balancing and record services (SOA) simultaneously.

Freely Distributable Trace Agent: Record, Deploy, Repeat

SpeedTrace Pro provides you with a freely distributable Recorder that acts as a trace agent. You can trace an unlimited number of external applications simultaneously over the internet/network. Deploy the agents at your customer sites, regardless of network connectivity. This recorder functions like an aviation black box, providing time-stamped events to:
  • – Understand what happened during an event
  • – Identify the root cause of the event
Deploy our “Redistributable Recorder Package” on all target machines without the need for additional licensing. Unleash the power of SpeedTrace Pro today!