Powerful .NET Profiler - Profile performance issues​

.NET Profiler : Timeline Analysis

SpeedTrace Pro timeline capabilities empower you to :

Integrated App Event Tracker

Enrich performance profiles and app traces with system event information:

Very Fast Tracing

SpeedTrace Pro provides the following concepts to minimize profiling impact:

Tracer / Bug Trapping

Often software issues occur at surprising places where no debug or trace info is available.

Distributed Tracing

Simultaneously record multiple apps (load balancing) or services (SOA) on different machines – from just one SpeedTrace Pro client controller instance.

Freely Distributable Trace Agent

SpeedTrace Pro provides you with a Freely distributable Recorder. It is acting as a trace agent. With the agent you can trace a virtually unlimited number of external apps simultaneously via Internet/network. You can use the agents at your customer sites – even if there is no network connectivity to the target machines.

The recorder works like the black box deployed in aviation. With the included time stamps you can find out

  • what happened during an event
  • what actually caused the event.

All you have to do, is to deploy a “Redistributable Recorder Package” on all target machines.
To run the agents, no additional license is required.