Total Quality management (TQM) – our ultimate goal

In designing a new diagnostics concept our main focus was to introduce a total quality management approach to the actual software engineering process. This meant the idea to internalize quality concerns and thus integrate code optimization into the actual development process right from the outset – with the help a powerful performance measurement and diagnostics tool.

CAPM – our guiding principle

Essentially, integrating quality throughout the development process implies the continuous quality monitoring of that process on the basis of Continuous Application Performance Management (CAPM). CAPM is meant to replace the old customary routine of reacting to issues at later stages and simply dealing with QA in a “downstream” pre-release testing phase. The principle here is to proactively implement QA zipper-fashion in a continuous series of steps (sanity checks) throughout the entire development cycle.

Transparency empowers – our inherent motto

We are firmly convinced that introducing genuine transparency into processes also empowers people to gain influence to control them – we like to call it the Transparency Empowers Principle (TEP). For the conception of our products this means designing a profiling methodology with the scope and functionality that also provides developers with conclusive insights on exactly where and how to solve performance issues effectively. For our services this means: putting our clients in a strong position to solve their problems on their own.

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